Inginius Tonics 

A new range of tonic waters from Inginius, tailored to meet the needs of the discerning drinker of gin.

These are hand-crafted tonic waters lovingly made in small batches from the finest natural ingredients, tailored to complement and enhance fine gins.

Our new range of tonic waters is made to complement the range of small-distillery and craft gins that are available.

Our Classic tonic is tailored for London Dry gins, and contains less sugar and correspondingly less quinine than other equivalent tonics. This allows the flavours of the gin to come through, the tonic complementing rather than overpowering the botanicals of the spirit.

Our second tonic is Citrus Sweet, tailored to complement sweeter (Old Tom and Genever), floral, and citrus gins.

There are hundreds of exciting gins available from both well-known and craft distilleries - we want to make sure that each one can be enjoyed to the fullest, and achieve its full taste potential by finding the right mixer to bring out its individual and special qualities.

“Not just a mixer, but a stunning accompaniment”

“A perfect mixer…”

“Brings out the best in the gin”

“Perfect mixer to enjoy with premium and small-batch gins”

“Highly recommend!”

“Both tonics fantastic complements to a range of gins”

“It was a true match in heaven!!”

“It’s ridicuuuuulously good!”