Classic Tonic

Inginius Classic Tonic Water

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, a classic tonic water with quinine, tailored for (London) dry gins. Our Inginius Classic Tailored Tonic complements and enhances the botanicals of the gin and doesn’t overpower them.

A perfect mixer to enjoy with premium and small-batch gins made with distinctive botanicals. With less sugar than many equivalent tonic waters, our Classic tonic is designed to complement and enhance fine gins. Our Classic tonic water is hand-made in small batches from the finest ingredients.

Production is a slow and intricate process involving the careful soaking of citrus fruit peels and the mixing with other ingredients to strike just the right balance of flavours.


Citrus Sweet Tonic

Inginius Sweet Tonic Water

Inginius Citrus Sweet Tailored Tonic is designed to complement sweeter (Genevers, bathtub or Old Tom) gins, and gins with marked citrus or floral elements. It’s also delicious on its own, with ice and a dash of bitters.

With a variety of rich citrus and botanical ingredients (but no more sugar than our Classic tonic), our carefully-crafted, small-batch Citrus Sweet tonic combines beautifully and elegantly with a variety of sweeter gins.

Contact us for our favourite combinations, or let us know if you find a great match!  Try it with Worsley Gin, Brockmans, or Chase Williams Pink Grapefruit gin...



“Not just a mixer, but a stunning accompaniment”

“A perfect mixer…”

“Brings out the best in the gin”

“Perfect mixer to enjoy with premium and small-batch gins”

“Highly recommend!”

“Both tonics fantastic complements to a range of gins”

“It was a true match in heaven!!”

“It’s ridicuuuuulously good!”