The Perfect No. 3 – Turicum Gin🔹ANNONCE .
The #tuesdayGT is back gents and gentsies💪
This time straight out of Switzerland (gin that is)
This is a story about two gentlemen that one day, after a trip to London and some hazy clubs, decided to make their own version of Gin👏🏽
After 8 months of perfecting the recipe, the Turicum Gin No. 3 saw the light.
Turicum is the latin name for Zurich, where these gentlemens Distillery is located – I need my own Distillery as well and soon!🚀
Included botanicals is Juniper, coriander seeds, angelica, bitter orange blossoms, liquorice and fresh lemon and orange zest.
The No. 3 relates to a secret third botanical in the recipe – gotta love it, and for you to find out yourself🛸
On the tongue a fresh, green, herbal taste comes to tongue, with a nice lead of citrus.
A hint of liquorice giving a mild sweetness only to be accompanied by pepper bringing a mild burn.
The citrus can be tasted throughout.
Everything is mild about this gin, which I really prefer⚖️
Pairing it with a nice Inginius Citrus Sweet tonic and a Orange infusion from @tetonicspain is a safe and brillant pairing, so this is exactly what I did💎
5 CL Turicum Gin No 3 (@turicum_gin )
8-10 CL Inginius Sweet Citrus Tonic (@tailoredtonic )
Pour over plenty ice❄️
Insert Orange infusion from @applytaste
Garnish with dehydrated orange wheels (@thegarnisher )
Let it sit for 2-3 minute, like you would a Tea☕️
Behold and Enjoy🌟

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